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Cardiff Heliport

J Randall roofing contractors are working on projects primarily in Wales and on occasions throughout the U.K. but it gives the staff a huge boost when we are working on projects in the capital city of Wales. In our last contribution to our web site we spoke of involvement with the Charity that promotes and organises the homeless world cup, something we enjoyed being part of and supporting. Another project and work we are undertaking is at the HELIPORT that

World Cup Homeless Football 2019

  World cup homeless football 2019 J Randall roofing contractors are pleased to support and be involved with 17 th football world cup for the homeless. The host city for 2019 was the capital of Wales, Cardiff. We work on buildings throughout the city and are mindful of the many people that are homeless and using the streets as their home. Our strengths as a company is that we emphasise equality and inclusion and we are particularly aware of the importance of