Cardiff Heliport

J Randall roofing contractors are working on projects primarily in Wales and on occasions throughout the U.K. but it gives the staff a huge boost when we are working on projects in the capital city of Wales. In our last contribution to our web site we spoke of involvement with the Charity that promotes and organises the homeless world cup, something we enjoyed being part of and supporting. Another project and work we are undertaking is at the HELIPORT that is situated by the coastline at Cardiff Docks. We were asked to undertake repairs on the hanger which houses the air ambulance helicopters and other commercial craft. It is a privilege for us to be keeping the Heliport in good order to enable the Wales air ambulance to offer to the general public a fantastic service of assistance at road and other types of  accidents, mountain rescue and marine problems  .

AN example of the flying missions they undertake can be evaluated by looking at the statistics for the year


Helicopter flight missions  1872

Road traffic accidents   671

Medical missions 903

Cardiac arrests 392

Children missions 397

Each mission costs £1500

The staff and management  of J Randall roofing are fully appreciative of the wonderful work that the air ambulance undertake and have either being directly involved in the care they offer or know somebody that has benefitted from their missions .

The company supports charities ,and it is always rewarding to support an organisation that we have been directly involved with .To support the WALES AIR AMBULANCE CHARITY operating out of CARDIFF fits in with the philosophy of the company in that ‘We want to help and support charitable organisations that we have had the privilege to work for in the capacity of a roofing company ‘

An example of a company helping the air ambulance is HYDRAQUIP

IT READS “Our digital marketing plan with Wales Air Ambulance was fun, engaging and a huge success. It helped raise vital funds as well as getting our company name out there. One Facebook post alone had more than 180000 shares and took the brand across the world “


Before we close this website contribution, we think it is appropriate to recount one of the stories of these brave men who pilot these helicopters.

Ellie from Ceredigion is a bright and bubbly mother who’s describes  her toddler as ‘thriving’

However, thing were very different when, at four months old, baby Ellie was fighting for her life following a sudden bleed on her lungs. She required immediate emergency care .

With time of the essence Wales  Air Ambulance flew to the family home ,where the aircrew gave advanced treatment and intubated Ellie. She was the air lifted to a specialist unit at the Heath hospital in Cardiff than 80 miles away. Ellie’s mother says on her arrival at the heath hospital the doctors said she had literally minutes left to live.

The Air Ambulance saved her life.

All of us can recount stories of situations that have been helped by the trained and skilled people on the front line .The crews of Wales Air Ambulance are counted amongst those special people and an opportunity to support them is what we would very much like to do at J RANDALL ROOFING CONTRACTORS LTD.