Llanishen High School


Knox and Wells are well established builder and designer based in Cardiff, they undertake many diverse projects and J Randall roofing ltd are proud to be appointed as one of their subcontractors specialising in refurbishing flat and pitched roofs. Knox and Wells organise their business efficiently and pride themselves on being a first class construction company  adhering to high standards of workmanship and health and safety protocol .J Randall roofing contractors ltd work very closely with the management of Knox and Wells  making sure that their health and safety systems and their management systems are of the same standard as the principal contractor, Knox and Wells .


Joby and Shella Randall supported by their team of felters ,cladders ,carpenters and management are pleased that over the last 6 months they have completely renovated and renewed many roofs around the school, for Knox and Wells .

The call of ‘help’ There is water pouring in to the library, corridors, class rooms has disappeared and

The school is now warmer, watertight and a far better environment for the students to learn and work towards their examinations and set them on paths of learning at universities, and companies offering opportunities to the students.

The site manager, David Thompson suggested to the management of the school that he introduced students interested in construction, to have a look at a working site. Mr Floyd from the DT department said that it was an excellent idea and on Monday April 8, David spent over an hour with 10 boys who were in their final year at school before moving on to do apprenticeships or college courses in various areas of construction

‘Hands on education’

Hands on education is now an integral part of J Randall roofing ,the management passionately believe that if the roofing industry is to survive then it is vital to encourage young people to look at the industry as an interesting and challenging career ,and what better way to focus on this issue than to engage with school leavers looking at career options.


A school is place where over 1600 students and 100 teachers and ancillary staff work on a daily basis. J Randall roofing contractors ltd have been instrumental in making the school an attractive place to work and study with roofs repaired and insulated and the adjoining walls cladded with

Brand new sheeting . Llanishen High School is becoming a first class educational establishment with wonderful sports facilities centred around the all weather sports pitch and class rooms ,corridors and communal spaces that are now warm and free from water leaks .The electrical cabling on the roofs has been tided and sorted and placed on proper trays placed around the new flat roofs.