World Cup Homeless Football 2019


World cup homeless football 2019

J Randall roofing contractors are pleased to support and be involved with 17 th football world cup for the homeless. The host city for 2019 was the capital of Wales, Cardiff. We work on buildings throughout the city and are mindful of the many people that are homeless and using the streets as their home. Our strengths as a company is that we emphasise equality and inclusion and we are particularly aware of the importance of diversity in the workplace

Team work led by good management is imperative to the success of any company or organisation, and it is the foundation of J Randall roofing contractors. This inclusiveness is something that the homeless rarely feel part of, and isolation is thing that a great deal of homeless people has to live with. Here in Randall’s we feel part of the family company and isolation or lack of support is not present and support from fellow workers and management is positive and a constant part of the company. It is for this reason that we felt it would be great to help those people that do not have what we experience on a daily basis. The involvement of helping to sponsor the world cup was a marvellous opportunity for ourselves and to sponsor in our home city was extremely gratifying. The work we do in Cardiff repairing and renewing roofs throughout the city particularly within the educational establishments, makes us more mindful of the people who only have the sky as their roof. The world cup allows hundreds of homeless people from all over the world to come together to take part in a tournament that promotes friendship and is all inclusive.

A quick synopsis of what the homeless foundation supports only underpins the reason for our company to be actively involved in the project at our capital city of Cardiff. The foundation supports over 70 grassroot projects using football as a tool for social change. Some projects are aimed at the improvement of football programmes throughout the world while others focus on helping and developing the skills of individuals taking part .there is a referee training programme ,and the impact of the football is to help the participants improve their live situations and also to challenge the general public’s perception of homelessness and the issues that surround it.

While the tournament is taking place, there are debates and seminars undertaken exploring the many issues that surround attended by politicians and skilled workers and managers in the field of homelessness, focused on ‘From prison to pavement and beyond’.

The seminar was introduced by our own welsh actor Michael Sheen and he pointed out that quarter of prisoners serving short sentences in England and Wales are released into homelessness. The cycle of reoffending is perpetuated by not trying to rehouse the prisoners once they have served their sentences. They have a double punishment by being homeless and excluded from society. The next world cup is in Finland one of the only countries in Europe where homelessness has decreased. The Finnish housing first approach was introduced in 2007 as a solution for the most vulnerable homeless people. Finland says, give people a home first than take care of solving health and social problems. Most other countries leave finding a home as the last thing in trying to help. Finland also helps people to manage their debts, pay the rent and apply for government benefits while they are trying to manage their lives.

Let us hope that the rest of the world follows and implements the finish model.

The management and staff of J. Randall roofing contractors ltd are very pleased to support the host city of Cardiff in promoting and organising the 17 th homeless world cup football tournament.